About Menopause Decisions

Dr Alison Elsey has over 40 years of medical expertise combined with extensive menopause education and training, enabling them to recognise and understand the true impact and toll the menopause and its array of symptoms can have on your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Dr Alison Elsey


I am a practising GP with with a special interest in dermatology. I graduated from Imperial College London in 2005.

I have been a GP since 2012, also obtaining a distinction in a postgraduate dermatology diploma that year.

Skin and Aesthetics Doctor

Alison also offers specialist facial Aesthetics in Plymouth, learn more here: https://alisonelsey.co.uk


Menopause Consultants in Plymouth

Dr Alison Elsey practices provides a sanctuary for women to consult and speak openly to medically trained professionals who are open minded, informed and of a similar stage in life, who personally and scientifically advise using a fresh, modern, realistic and evidence-based approach.

Her aim is to provide you with manageable, personal and realistic treatments, from HRT through to diet, lifestyle changes and exercise to enable you to control the menopause rather than let it control you.

She understands that women are often made to feel that the subject is rather taboo and difficult to discuss openly. However, with the recent media coverage and celebrity endorsements of HRT, women are becoming more empowered and able to make educated and informed decisions regarding the route they wish to take to navigate the challenges of the menopause.

Although Mother Nature cannot be beaten, Alison can help you to embrace it and conquer it in a calmer, more bearable and stress free manner.

The practice follows the NICE guidelines, British Menopause Society and Women’s Health Forum.

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